Historic Property

Fusilier Cottage is a charming bluestone and sandstone Georgian home, with an unusual hipped roof. The cottage was built with convict labour around 1838 by Angus McLeod. Bandmaster of the 21st Royal Scots Fusiliers Regiment, he named it in honour of his regiment. McLeod led Hobart’s first quadrille dance band and gave music lessons in the cottage.

Fusilier Cottage and its generous garden open to the street, making it a popular local landmark. It is a recognizable and often-photographed cottage, heritage listed, and on the itinerary of many visitors to Battery Point, including those on the walking tour, In Bobby’s Footsteps.

The Architecture

In 2018, the local owners commissioned Tasmanian architects Bence-Mulcahy to design a contemporary extension.

They wanted a thoroughly modern home which would respect the history and Tasmanian context of the heritage cottage.

Art & Design

Artisanal Tasmanian furniture and artwork tell a story of Tasmania; of its cultural and wild heritage, creating a strong link to the historic setting and to the owner’s own story.

The Garden

Dominated by an historic sycamore tree, the old garden has been restored and reimagined as a contemporary cottage garden.