Official launch

Fusilier Cottage in the news!

Times are tough for tourism operators in Tasmania. Our big markets, in New South Wales and Victoria are closed. COVID-19 border closures are keeping guests at home. And many accommodations across the island are empty.

But that didn’t stop us from officially launching Fusilier Cottage. After a three-month soft opening, and a bunch of five-star reviews, it was time to celebrate.

On Friday 10th September, friends and family gathered at the cottage. Among the guests were Karen Fraser, Cottage Manager, Linda Stenning, from Stenning Design who helped craft the stunning interiors, Anna McDougal, social media consultant, Sue Clayton, who helped design the garden and interior, and Alex Johnstone from Gay Flowers in the front rooms.


Owners, Mark Heyward and Sopantini welcomed guests. Alex Heroys, CEO of Destination Southern Tasmania introduced the event, speaking about how important it is for businesses like Fusilier Cottage to be showing confidence in difficult times. And the event was covered in Win News Tasmania, and the Hobart Mercury.

Congratulations, Fusilier Cottage!